Intervention, Performative placement, 2021

Installation in public space
Dimensions variable

Collaboration with Vera Drebusch

“Hymnen”/“Hymns” is a series of floor mosaics made of laminate. The material laminate – a “facade” of imitation wood – standardized for easy processing, is sawn into small parts and thus reduced to absurdity. The wood pattern/grain designed for the product is broken down into individual parts and a re-created mosaic of different laminate surfaces is created.

The creation of the mosaics is made tangible for passers-by: The laying will take place in four public places in Lübeck and Hamburg. We combine the practice of street painters and a conceptual artistic approach.

Shown at multiple places in Hamburg and Lübeck, Germany.

Intervention in Hamburg, Park Fiction
Intervention in Lübeck, Rathausmarkt
Intervention in Lübeck, an der Obertrave
Intervention in Lübeck, Holstentor
Intervention in Lübeck, abandoned Store

Supported by Dorit & Alexander Otto Stiftung & KulturFunke*. Very special thanks to FabLab Fabulous St. Pauli, Hamburg.