Festival Intervention, 2017

Commissioned by NODE – Forum for digital Arts.

“The HOPE Lab is an interdisciplinary laboratory prototyping beacons of hope for visual creators and aspiring idealists at NODE Forum in Frankfurt. We are focused on helping realize the NODE community’s greater collective potential to change the world in an era where hope has been co-opted.”

Collaboration with Kathia von RothJeremy BaileyLauren McCarthyFelix Kosok. Each of us created a number of small projects under the HOPE lab banner, here are the ones i worked on.

Nope Beach

Head buzzing from all the technology? Relax at Nope Beach, an outdoor space with a flag and towels (designed by Felix Kosok).


“NODEsurfing” aims to connect artists from all over the world with the local community to provide housing for those traveling from far. Meanwhile it offers the opportunity for a lively exchange with the creative minds gathering at NODE17.

Artists, designers and developers are traveling from all over the world to #NODE17 and are looking for a place to stay. Since Frankfurt is quite expensive, NODE17 offers a hosting program similar to “CouchSurfing”. Hosts that offer one or more sleeping opportunities will not only get free entry to the festival opening, but also the chance to get in touch with the vibrant, international festival community through the guest.

NODEsurfing flyer
There was also the opportunity to sleep on the festival in a custom-designed space behind the main projection wall. 

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