Florian Egermann Residency Program™

Selfish Residency Program, 2013-2015

Established in 2013, F.E.R.P. was created to give organisations and individuals the opportunity to engage in exciting exchange with one selected artist.

F.E.R.P. is a residency program turned on its head. Residencies are invited to apply to get the artist, not the other way around. On the F.E.R.P. website, interested residencies could download a application form.

F.E.R.P. started in 2013 as an experiment: Can i challenge the status quo by employing the same application procedures as traditional residency programs, yet organisations have to apply to get me as a resident, not the other way around. It worked out great (with more interesting opportunities than i could seize), so it´s not an experiment anymore but a full-fledged annual residency program.

Residencies 2013-2015


F.E.R.P Website