NET ART, 2021

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital assets on stored on a digital ledger, and made a splash in early 2021 thanks to high-profile art sales

fax2nft is a net art work and free online service that takes the hype around NFTs to absurdity:

“Fax something to this number, and we’ll turn it into an NFT.” 

Visit fax2nft.com

The piece is a reflection on the role of NFT technology and its place within media art. By using an antiquated, but still widely used technology as the only way to create an NFT, the piece creates a connection between the rich history of media art and the NFT market/community.

fax2nft Website

Users of the service can “simply” generate an NFT, but they lose all control over its aesthetics. The exclusively digital nature of the NFTs is given an analog twist by the transfer over fax: black and white instead of colourful, rough instead of “glossy” and in A4 format.

fax2nft runs on the Tezos (XTZ) cryptocurrency, a “eco-friendly”, “clean” alternative to Bitcoin/Ethereum.

fax2nft: “Isn’t creating NFTs super complicated?”
fax2nft: “Not another new technology to critically reflect!”
fax2nft: “How to turn anything into an #NFT with fax2nft.com”