Commons Cargobikes

Sharing Concept, since 2015

A project with wielebenwir e.V.

An introduction to Commons Cargobike sharing

More than 100 grass-roots initiatives in Europe provide cargo bikes to the local community on a donation basis. First implemented 2013 in Cologne, the sharing concept has spread quickly, with currently almost 400 cargo bikes available to lend.

Cargo bikes are the environment-friendly alternative to cars, and increased usage could fundamentally improve cities: Less pollution, less noise, less space wasted for parking.

Our goal is to make this sustainable method of transportation available to everybody. We use local institutions (community centers, Cafés, shops) as rental stations to facilitate community cooperation. We provide the bikes based on voluntary donations to enable low-threshold access. We believe sharing with the community, and that we can work together to improve our cities.

Whatch a Video (german with english subtitles) of our presentation at republic 2018

For interested groups and individuals we provide a yearly conference, an online knowledge base as well as a custom open-source booking software — everything you need to get started.

Join us and let us improve mobility in the city — together!

A „Commons Cargobike“:

  • makes cargo bikes available to all free of charge (donation-based).
  • is a „common good“: to be shared instead of individually owned.
  • is advocating for a change of mind in urban transportation, and represents resource conservation & sustainable traffic.
  • relies on neighborhood cooperation: Cafés, private citizens and social facilities are acting as pickup location.

Union of Commons Cargobike initiatives

„Forum Freie Lastenräder“ („Union of Commons Cargobike initiatives“) is the alliance of the local sharing initiatives in Germany, Austria and Hungary that provide free cargo bike lending to the public.

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