Stealing the border

Installation, 2015

Soil, Paper. Dimensions variable

During the 2015 Schmiede Festival in Hallein, Austria the first big wave of refugees from Syria reached central Europe, causing the german government to close the borders to Austria.

Hallein is just a 10 minute drive from the border. To me, growing up in the Schengen area, the concept of inner-european border controls is absurd, especially when they are used to stop people who just fled from a war.

No-man´s land at the austrian/german border

I decided to visit the no-man´s land between Austria and Germany, and bring a piece of the border for the Schmiede “Werkschau” exhibition. Digging there alerted police and the neighbours, but I managed to steal part of the border anyway.

Stealing a part of the border
Installation view at Schmiede 2015
Installation detail