Moon Landing: PARANOIA SANS is a self-censoring, conspiratorial typeface that will automatically redact more than 150 words popular in conspiracy myths/theories.

It IS a conspiracy. They ARE after you. And now, you have a typeface to prove it. 
5G is the new UFO!


Test-drive PARANOIA SANS. Try entering “UFO


Download PARANOIA SANS font (OTF)


# What is this?

This is a font you can download and install on your computer, similar to Times New Roman or Comic Sans. It is also a media artwork / a conceptual type.

# How do i install it?

Download the archive, unzip it and double-click the file “Paranoia Sans.otf”. A window asking you to install the font should open.

# It’s not working on my device!

Terribly sorry that censorship is not working on your device. Please get in touch.

# Which terms are redacted?

See a list here.

# A conspiracy related term is missing! How do i add it?

Great! Please submit new terms via this form, by email, or (if you are a nerd like me: you can fork the repository).

# Can i use it on my website?

Sure. You can find the webfont here.

# Can i contribute?

Yes, please! PARANOIA SANS is open source.

# This font is beautiful!

It is. PARANOIA SANS is based on Courier Prime Sans, designed by Alan Dague-Greene for John August and Quote-Unquote Apps, i modified it with tons of custom ligatures to achieve the necessary Paranoia.


Driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and amplified by the internet, many people find shared calm or anger in increasingly absurd conspiracy narratives. PARANOIA SANS is born out of a wish to understand the various „conspiracy dialects”, and create a dictionary of their terminology. There are well-known conspiratorial terms (the moon landing or the 9/11 conspiracy myth), but also less obvious ones.

This paranoid dictionary is not published as-is, but embedded in a digital artefact: A computer font anybody can install. The dictionary is only revealed by using the font, with conspiratorial terms being automatically redacted as they are typed.

A big part of conspiracy theories is the idea that (their) truth is being suppressed or censored by the people/organisations secretly in power. Badly photo-copied papers with words redacted in black markers are still common imaginary. PARANOIA SANS plays to the paranoia of conspiracy believers and adapts the style of redacted papers for the digital age.

I wanted to create a tool that is as absurd as the conspiracy myths themselves: a font that redacts itself.
Nothing is innocent, not even a typeface.

— Florian Egermann


Any terms missing? Submit here:

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    PARANOIA SANS is supported by RoboFont — The industrial UFO font editor.