Weltuntergangs-Workshop @ Seekult-Festival

Friedrichshafen, 8.10.21

Workshop in german language, collaboration with Vera Drebusch.

The end of the world is here – or is it?

Not only climate change and the omnipresent Corona pandemic show breaking points of our usual order. An abstract threat is turning into an everyday splinter of doom through a newly strengthened protest culture (Fridays for Future) and social restrictions (Covid-19). In the context of the Doomsday Workshop, we would like to exchange ideas about current and alternative doomsdays, go in search of potentials together, and concoct solution strategies.

As an artist duo, we have been working intensively with “preppers” (people who are preparing for the end of the world) for the last few years, and will give you an introductory insight into our research and artistic practice. After that it’s all about your individual end of the world: What is the world ending from? Is the end of one world a chance for a new, better one? And what knowledge, what abilities do I actually have that can help me in a post-apocalyptic world? All these questions and more will be explored, discussed and located on a collaborative map: in the course of the workshop, a doomsday collection will be created, which will then be presented in the Zeppelin Museum.

Workshop registration (in german)