I´ve got a new-ish blog (again). it´s about pop-culture and in german. enjoy

vvvv workshop @ TADAEX, Tehran

An “Introduction to the vvvv toolkit” at TADEX media art festival by joreg and me. 15. & 16.10. 2014, Moohsen Gallery, Tehran


NODE – Forum For Digital Arts, TADAEX – Teheran Annual Digital Arts Exhibition and Goethe Institute invite Iranian and German media artists to apply for artistic residencies in Frankfurt, Germany and Teheran, Iran. Apply now

“PM” on Estman Radio

Florian Egerman & Lilla Magyari: “PM” Two voices debate the current time (to be played at the wrong time). Performance as part of Marinella Senatore’s Estman Radio. insitu berlin / estman radio

Performance: “GER : FLO”

You don´t want to watch the world cup? Now you can, in a organized fashion. Kick-off: Monday, June 30st, 22:00, “Institut für alles Mögliche”, Schererstr. 10, Berlin-Wedding.