How to Kick-Start a Cargo Bike Sharing Initiative in your City

Webinar, 22.09.2020 18:00

Photo: Forum Freie Lastenräder

An introduction to the Commons Cargo Bike movement and how to start your own initiative.


“You want cargo bikes to be available to everyone in your community? The Commons Cargobike movement promotes the shared use of cargo bikes as a common good in a community through an innovative cargo bike sharing system. After implementing 100 initiatives in Germany, Austria and Hungary, the project developed a comprehensive toolbox including a detailed manual to kick-start your own project in your city. The manual includes information on all phases including tips on funding the costs of a commons cargobike, setting up sharing stations, communication and much more. This webinar is for individuals, companies, alliances, and organizations who are eager to transform their neighbourhoods with the help of cargo bikes. We also invite municipalities to join, who are able to provide valuable support to the commons cargobike movement.”