(Singularity Soup Kitchen)

Florian Egermann wearing a dark blue shirt and a white apron with the text "Accelerate or Die" stands against a backdrop with repeated logos. He holds a leek over his head with his left hand, looking intently at the camera.

I just invented a new philosophy with the boys. YOLO! Come over, there’s alphabet soup with utopia. Or apocalypse, nobody knows for sure. Either way: Let’s watch everything heat up and talk about it.
— Flo

A vibrant graphic with a red background and green diagonal stripes featuring the phrase "Accelerate or Die!" in bold white and green letters. The bottom includes the text "Singularity Suppenküche" and "Powered by OpenAI" logos.

Florian Egermann
Accelerate or Die!
(Singularity Soup Kitchen)

Opening with Cooking performance
19.4.2024, 19:00

20.4.2024 — 5.5.2024

Curated by Karen Eliot

fl~w — Raum für radikale Kunst
Georgstraße 26A
53111 Bonn

Accessibility information:
There are 2 stairs to access the exhibition space, visitors with disabilities have been carried down/up these stairs in the past. If you are unsure, please contact the fl~w team.
Toilets in the space are accessible.